About milPAWkee Pet Photography



While milPAWkee Pet Photography started in the fall of 2015 by co-founders Monika Janczuk & James Strauss, our story begins a year prior to our launch.

When we brought home our dog, Jordy, he instantly became the center of our attention.

Our days off are filled with hikes at state parks, walks along the beautiful Milwaukee lakefront, and pet-friendly events. Whenever  possible, if permitted, you will find Jordy sticking his big, blocky head out our car window and creating new layers of wet nose art as we drive to our next adventure.

When we became aware of a dog-friendly food truck festival taking place in South Milwaukee one summer afternoon, we hastily piled into the car and rushed over. As the delightful smells of locally-prepared food started to fill our souls with happiness, three polite police officers informed us we need to leave because South Milwaukee's breed specific legislation does not allow pit bull type dogs within the city limits. 

The incident opened our eyes to the discrimination pit bull type dogs face and it fueled our desire to become more than just dog parents, but animal advocates. We got in touch with Brew City Bully Club, Helping Pitties in the City, and the Wisconsin Humane Society and asked if we can help in any way possible. 

After volunteering with these wonderful organizations, we realized people not only love their pets, they see them as family members and desired to capture their personalities. We decided to quit our full-time jobs and embark on the journey that is now milPAWkee.